APEX Battery Charger

APEX Battery Charger

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Nominal Voltage

12V 24V 30V 48V 110V 220V ETC

Nominal Current

5-400A 5- 400A 5-400A 5- 400A 5-400A 5- 400A

Input Supply

Single phase 240V± 10% 50Hz ± 5% for output power < 5KVA , Three phase 415V ± 10% 50Hz ± 5% for output power >5KVA

Output Voltage

9-16V 18-35V 24-46V 40-68V 88-150V 180-270V

Noise and Ripple

< 0.5% for switch-mode, < 2% for Thyristor controlled - specified at full load and without battery connected

Static Voltage Regulation

± 1% for 0-100% load variation, ± 10% AC input voltage variation and 5% AC input frequency variation

Dynamic Voltage

± 1% for 0-100% load variation, ± 10% AC input voltage variation and 5%

 Current Regulation

± 1%


Input Fuse/Circuit Breaker, Charger Output Fuse/Circuit Breaker, Charger Current Limit, Dual Battery Current Limit, AC Surge Suppression, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Battery Polarity Protection

Alarms (Optional)

Mains fail, Charger Fail, DC High, DC Low, Under/Over Voltage Trip, Earth Fault, Battery Disconnected, Battery Fail (including hi impedance), Battery Over Temperature, Blown Fuse, Common Alarm Relay, Common Alarm Buzzer


Charger Voltage, Charger Current, Load Voltage, Load Current *Meter accuracy 1%*


Additional Meters/, DC distribution board


Floor mount or free standing powder coated metal cabinet *Dimensions depend on charger output rating and associated battery requirements*

Provision of cabling

Provided up to 30KVA. For higher capacities optional at extra cost


0-60°, up to 95% humidity

Operating Temperature

0-45° C

High Voltage Regulation,    Very Very Low Ripple Current. , No Reverse Current flows when AC is off, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection, Current Limit is Set at Factory at 110% IDC , High/Low Cut off , Digital Display , Ensures Reliability Through Design.

Generating Stations ,    Transmission Substations , Telecom Networks, Distribution Centres, Computer Installations, Railways, Military, Manufacturing Plants , Airports , Etc…